Hogan’s Helpful Hints

Child health and obesity are 2 issues which are near and dear to me. Growing up, I too, struggled with weight and all the issues being overweight brought with it. Studying medicine allowed me to truly understand the long term effects which weight can have on one’s health. As a pediatrician, my goal is to instill the importance of overall health to my patients and their families.

In this section, I will discuss various topics in physical, sexual, and mental health coming from the perspective of a medical professional but also as a living example. Please understand that these tips are my professional opinion and as a parent, be sure to check with your child’s primary pediatrician for more in depth discussion and explanation of these topics if needed.

Physical Helpful Hint

Summer has officially begun families!  For some of your children school has ended, for others, it is coming to a close.  Youngsters everywhere will now have a great deal of time to get out and get active.  This time of the year is also when parents decide to take vacation time.  What are your plans as a family?  Summer vacations are a great time for parents to reconnect with health.  If a family vacation is in the plan for your family, why not take the trip outdoors?  Camping, hiking, boating, and cycling are all ways to enjoy the longer days while enjoying the family and improving your health.  Summer fruits and lighter eating also make the summer a great time to recommit to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.  How fun is the idea of packing a picnic lunch filled with lean cuts of meat for sandwiches and sliced watermelon, strawberries or cantaloupe?  What about a cool healthy smoothie packed with pineapples, kiwis, or grapes to help escape the summer heat?  Be creative and fun with your choices for summer activities and summer fun!  Make the most of this great season before the rain and chill of winter and fall roll in!!!

Mental Helpful Hint

More and more I find that in my practice I have to address the idea of “perfection” in my patients at younger and younger ages.  The surge of images which appear perfect on different social media outlets seem to never end.  The girl with the perfect body or boy with the perfect hair.  These pictures, though often altered with filters and other enhancements, leave many young people striving to meet a standard of perfection which is not real.  When faced with the fact that they will never be “perfect” and that there will always be someone who they feel is prettier, taller, nicer, richer or skinnier, their self-esteem takes a huge hit.  As parents, it is so very important that children are educated about what “reality” is and what “social reality” is.  Sadly, this conversation needs to take place with children at younger and younger ages in order to have a lasting effect.  As a pediatrician, it is my job to help instill self-esteem in my patients but the foundation must be laid at home.

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